Whether it was an "excused" or "unexcused" absence, New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the one quarterback out of 32 starters who did not report to mandatory NFL minicamps and one former Jets quarterback is tired of it.

On Wednesday, former Jets quarterback and current radio show host Boomer Esiason ripped Rodgers for becoming a "giant distraction" after making such a big stink about wanting to eliminate distractions from the team months ago. 

“He’s the one who said you have to eliminate the distractions,” Boomer said. “All he is is one big giant distraction, no matter what it is. Could it be some sort of memorial funeral? Could it be a golf event? A fundraising event? It could be a million different things… but you have a responsibility for a mandatory minicamp to be there.

“Most of the stuff we’ve been speaking of in regards to him has been off the field. He’s an amazing player… whatever the event is, I’m sure it’s important to him… but it’s just another layer of (expletive) that you have to deal with.”

He's not wrong. Rodgers has been the source of one distraction after another this offseason ranging from his flirting with the idea of being a vice presidential running mate to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to this unexcused absence from the start of minicamp. 

Jets fans are trying to make it out like no big deal to no avail while bigger media figures like Colin Cowherd and ESPN's talents rake both Rodgers and the Jets organization over the coals. 

This entire thing is veering towards disaster and we aren't even in training camp yet.

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